Saturday, January 30, 2010

Ever Wondered What a Hundred Pounds of Beads Looks Like?

A hundred pounds of beads, purchased from Firemountain Gems, arrived yesterday. I ordered more than 200 items, which earned me a huge discount.Cost? $507.81 including $5 for shipping and $2.50 for handling. I've shopped all around the internet as well as local stores, spending about the last six weeks planning this order. I only ordered things I could get cheapest at this source and placed the largest order I've ever done. It was worth it. I probably got items at about 20% of retail cost. I only bought beads because I have found that the findings (clasps and other metal parts) are cheaper when I bid at Ebay.

When the boxes arrived at my UPS store, where all of my mail is delivered for security reasons, they were a little nonplussed. They asked Cameron to wait until after 5 to pick it up when the strapping teenager would arrive with dolly. With a winter storm rolling in, I didn't have that long. So I headed over, assuming that I could break the boxes down at the store into the smaller boxes in my back seat, and carry the beads out that way. 

The order was packed in two boxes, sized 15x10x7. Each box weighed approximately 50 pounds. I'm very proud to say that I was able to lug them to my backseat without a problem. Of course, I couldn't stand to wait any longer and opened them to peak at my order. Oh my, I was impressed.
Arriving home at the same time the winter storm rolled in, I quickly carried my treasure to our studio and began unpacking. And unpacking. And unpacking. Did I mention the discount was based on number of items ordered? And the biggest discount requires 200 items? Or that I spent all my money on beads and haven't yet purchased sufficient organizers?

Eight hour later, Cameron teased me that I couldn't sleep on top of the beads like a dragon does its hoard, given that I'm a princess and the pea kind of girl, and I went off to bed. But I had sorted the majority of the beads!
Which also introduced a new problem. I still have a dozen or so necklaces to post at Etsy. Originally created for the flea market audience, they were scaled down in bead types and priced low. Now I look at these simple necklaces and balked. I can't put the pitiful things on Etsy! They aren't up to my new standards. Not elaborate enough. Not rich and interesting. Sigh. Now I have more beading to redo!