Monday, February 22, 2010

Because Every Necklace Has a Story...

It's also great to here the stories of what compels people to buy my art. Mel from MI tells me that she has a sister in Easley, SC. When she saw my abalone shell post to Etsy, she purchased in within five minutes of posting. Living near Greenville, the location caught her attention. She says she loves her purchase.

Getting folks to look may be one the greatest challenges I face. People constantly tell me that they love my work, requesting a necklace for themselves or a loved one. Most come back asking for several more. A friend even asked if I would create a dog necklace for her beloved pet. What a delightful challenge!

A work friend, Criss, bought a T-Shirt necklace for her daughter's birthday this weekend after she admired Criss' necklace over the holidays. Criss recounted the phone call word for word this morning. How delightful to hear something so small brought so much joy!

My "adopted" daughter, the daughter of my sister-of-my-heart, got her income tax refund this weekend and promptly bought four necklaces she's been keeping an eye on. Then she requested another, "more mannish" creation, for a friend jealous of her new Celtic Cross necklace.

And yes, every necklace is unique. I never made exactly the same thing twice. What's the fun in that?

And yes, the gorgeous necklaces featured here were listed on Etsy this weekend!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I've sold hundreds of necklaces to friends or patrons, at festivals and flea markets. Yet I never cease to be delighted when someone purchases my work. Last night I was listing necklaces to Etsy, which is a new venue for me.

I finished loading this necklace and went on to the next, a lovely pink and green heart. This shell piece was found in an inexpensive jewelry shop just before the holiday. It was strung on hideous black and white size eight seed beads and the zebra pattern overwhelmed this lovely shell. Enchanted by the shell, I restrung the necklace. I didn't like the dull beads I had chosen and restrung it again with these wonderful luster finished black seed beads and two tone crackle glass. While the necklace is strikingly different from the rest of my stock, I was pleased with the results. Pricing it at a reasonable rate, I posted it and moved on.

Five minutes later, I finished posting the pink and green heart. Wait. That can't be right. I know I just posted the shell--where is it? Cameron, on the other side of the room, said to check the sold tab. Nonsense. It just posted. Nothing has sold yet. I don't have enough items. On a whim, I checked. SOLD!

Blessings to the wonderful woman from Michigan who has proven to me that perseverance pays off.  She is a blessing today.