Thursday, January 28, 2010

Barefoot Arts and Designs by Dreamweaver at Work

Our home is small, but we've managed to dedicate a studio to the two industries. Cameron is currently at work on a commission piece (just in time to pay the electric bill, thank goodness). So paint and beads jostle for space until we can drop the wall between the studio and the library. With her south facing window, Cameron's studio was perfect to take photos of jewelry this week. 

I typically take one weekend a month to make polymer clay beads. I had to work at the treatment center last weekend, which really cut into the process. Nevertheless, I made dozens.

Yesterday was wonderful for another reason, as well. An acquaintance came over to get some tutoring in Art Appreciation. I had a new butterfly necklace I was about to post to Etsy. The acquaintance took one look and asked how much, buying it on the spot!

I've also posted new items to Etsy.Be sure to check them out!